How can I pay the fee?
Please make the payment in Japanese yen at the local office (the Kyoto Sightseeing Bus departure point in front of the Karasuma Exit, Kyoto Station). Payment by credit card can be accepted, except by certain specified cards.
When can I make a reservation?
A reservation is accepted from three months to 15 days before the departure date. Reservation outside the above period cannot be accepted.
When is the reservation completed?
The reservation process is completed when you receive a confirmation message from us by e-mail within five business days.
Can I change the reserved date or time?
To change your reservation date or time, you will have to cancel your original reservation and make a new reservation.
Where can I catch the bus?
The tours depart from the Kyoto Station Karasuma Bus Terminal.
We also operete a free shuttle bus that can pick up tour participants at some of Kyoto's major hotels.
What kinds of tours are available?
We offer a wide variety of tours to suit every taste. There are tours around Kyoto’s most famous and historical spots and tours to charming walking areas. There are tours to see and enjoy the scenes of beautifully illuminated colored leaves, which are a characteristic of the Japanese autumn, as well as tours to enjoy the artistic performance skills of maiko(young geisha) in the Gion district. Choose whichever tours you like.
What do the tour prices include?
Tour prices include bus travel and all admission fees for temples or other facilities on the itinerary. In addition, the price of tours with meals includes the cost of meals. Note however, that prices for tours with free walking time do not include admission fees for any temples or other facilities that tour participants go to on their free time.
※Please note that the Kyoto’s Best 3 Tourist Attractions Program does not include lunch.
How do I apply to join a tour?
Purchase a ticket at the counter at the departure point, by specifying the tour name (code), departure time, and number of participants.
Please understand that the tour destinations and prices given in this Home Page are subject to change without notice, however, the order of tour destinations given in the Home Page will not change.
Please note that for the comfort of tour participants, smoking is prohibited on all tour buses.
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